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Ventures looking to outsource

Startups that raise between $1M and $25M  have only one goal: growth. But they do not have the internal resources yet to handle growing themselves. That is why CEOs and founders look to agencies to outsource.

Under the radar gems

Stripe raises another round? You can read about that in TechCrunch. The startups in our list are have yet to make a big splash and are thus hard to find.

Verified contact information

All information is collected by hand and verified. Publicly available email addresses of CEOs and founders are included.

Weeks of research

We spend weeks on researching which companies raised funding in the last month, so you and your team do not have to. The tools we use cost thousands of dollars a year to collect and verify each data point.

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Frequently asked questions

Where does the information come from?

All data from the lead lists comes from publicly available sources, which are manually researched, aggregated and validated. They include new websites, public filings, social media networks and blogs. All information is gathered legally and in compliance with data protection regulation. We also collaborate with our friends at VCbacked in finding the perfect info.

Do you provide a demo?

An example of the lead list is provided at the beginning of the homepage of

Why should you not create this list yourself every month?

Time, money and quality.

We spend a lot of time curating the monthly list. Paying an employee an hourly rate to replicate our work would be incredibly expensive compared to simply subscribing to Let your FTEs spend time on the things they are actually great at as opposed to do the frustrating work of collecting and verifying data.

Besides hours spent, the tools used to generate the monthly list vastly outweigh the subscription price. We spread those costs across our customers so we can afford to pay for them. You cannot.

Lastly, we ensure highest quality standards. We only share lists with complete, relevant and validated information. Buying lists somewhere else or letting someone without deep expertise create prospect lists themselves can lead to a loss in domain reputation, unhappy prospects because of spamming, reaching out to the wrong people within an organization etc.

Who can benefit from provides its monthly subscription lead list primarily to agencies seeking to engage with new potential clients. Respecitve agencies commonly offer services such as marketing,, software development, design, recruiting, strategy consulting and many more.

Am I competing with other customers for these leads?

Not really. We are a small, premium lead generation agency and only serve a small number of clients. Most of them offer very different services from one another and serve different types of startups in different locations.

What type of companies are included in the lead list?

The lead lists includes startups that recently raised a significant amount of funding and are now looking to grow rapidly. To do so, they commonly hire agencies, freelancers and consultants to move quickly.

You will not find obvious and giant startups like Stripe or Getir. Instead, we focus on the more hard to find businesses that are under the radar today but might just become the Stripe of tomorrow.

Are emails verified?

Yes. All emails in the lead list are verified using an email validation tool with 98% accuracy. This way we can ensure deliverability and the integrity of your email domain when reaching out to prospects.