The Agoge Sequence: How to master your outreach strategy

December 21, 2022

Agoge Sequence
Example of the Agoge Sequence

The Agoge Sequence is a powerful, four-stage outreach strategy that can help anyone in sales, marketing or CMO roles maximize their outreach efforts. 

It includes crafting the perfect first email, utilizing reply emails, crafting middle emails, and social touches that make an impact. 

Read on to discover the key components of this powerful strategy and how you can implement it today!

Crafting the perfect first email

The first stage of the Agoge Sequence is crafting the perfect first email. This should include customizing the first two sentences for maximum engagement and personalization without extra research. 

Your goal should be to make it clear who you are addressing and why you are reaching out to them specifically.

Reply emails - not just "best practice"

The second stage of the Agoge Sequence is reply emails - not just best practice. 

Reply emails show your prospects that you value their time and are interested in hearing back from them. You can set up automated responses for efficiency and organization, as well as craft specific messages tailored to each prospect's needs.

These emails can be automated with software, for example with Lemlist

Middle emails - making your value proposition clear

The third stage of the Agoge Sequence is middle emails - making your value proposition clear. 

In every communication with a prospect, it's important to keep your message generic enough to appeal to a broad audience while still maintaining focus on your core values and offerings. 

Additionally, always end with a call-to-action (CTA) which can range from inviting prospects to view more information on your website to scheduling a meeting with your team.

Social touches that make an impact

The fourth stage of the Agoge Sequence focuses on social touches that make an impact. 

LinkedIn InMails, profile views, utilizing other platforms like Twitter or Instagram to engage prospects effectively, and incorporating visual content such as videos or images can all be used here for maximum engagement with potential customers or clients.

Personalization of templates

The Agoge Sequence provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to connect with potential customers and partners at scale. 

It is a powerful outbound sequence that can be easily tailored and customized to suit any company's specific needs. Comprised of agoge sequence email templates, the sequence allows you to craft a personalized message that reaches the right people while demonstrating the value of your brand or product. 

With a focused approach to outreach, the Agoge Sequence could be just the tool your company needs to generate new leads and grow its customer base.

Hook prospects with the first sentence

The key to turning cold emails into successful communication is all in the details. Thoughtfully customizing the first two sentences of your initial email will make a huge difference, allowing you to show that you are taking the recipient seriously and were investing time in getting to know them better. 

By doing this, you can create a personalized cold email which is 10 times more effective than one without any personalization, without having to put too much extra effort in. Taking those extra steps creates an amazing first impression and sets you up for successful cold emails every time!

Practice copywriting

Writing effective email copy for sales professionals is an important skill to master. 

Crafting email messages that are generic enough to be used with different prospects can be a challenge, but when done correctly, it can help make your value proposition clear and give readers an actionable call to action (CTA). 

It is all about striking the right balance between personalizing your email, while still applying email CTA best practices. Writing a CTA that works will have positive implications on the overall success of your email campaign. 

If you craft emails carefully and keep email CTA best practice in mind, you will be sure to surprise every recipient and watch your click rate skyrocket!

Outbound prospecting with Linkedin

No matter how great a product or service is, or how amazing marketing campaigns are, if it cannot reach the right prospects, it means nothing. 

LinkedIn is essential to any successful outbound prospecting effort to get in front of the right people and start building relationships. With social touches like InMails and profile views on the platform, marketers and sales professionals can strategically stand out in this highly competitive space and make sure their relevant offerings take off efficiently. 

Investing in linkedin prospecting messages and outreach helps create deeper connections with busy prospects that can result in lasting partnerships.

Conclusion: Key takeaways from the Agoge Sequence

In this blog post we discussed why mastering an outreach strategy using The Agoge Sequence is so important for sales, marketers or CMOs looking to maximize their outreach efforts. 

We went over how crafting the perfect first email – including customizing the first two sentences and personalizing without extra research – can increase engagement with prospects. 

We also discussed how reply emails demonstrate value by showing prospects that you care about hearing back from them; how middle emails should keep our message generic while remaining focused on our core values; and finally how social touches such as LinkedIn InMails or profile views can create maximum impact when engaging prospective clients or customers. 

Implementing these tips into your strategy today will help increase visibility in no time!

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