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Jiminny allows users to record, transcribe, and analyze calls and meetings in real-time to help capture important data points.
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Alcove Technologies Inc.
Company website
Alcove Technologies Inc.
London, England, United Kingdom
Founded by
James Graham, Shelley Lavery, Tom Lavery
Last funding type
Series A
Last funding date
8 October 2022
Last funding amount
Total funding amount
Top investors
Kennet Partners
Enterprise Software, SaaS, Sales Automation

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Frequently asked questions

What is Alcove Technologies Inc.'s email address?

Alcove Technologies Inc.'s email address is

Where are Alcove Technologies Inc.’s headquarters?

Alcove Technologies Inc.'s headquarters are in London, England, United Kingdom.

Who founded Alcove Technologies Inc.?

Where are Alcove Technologies Inc.’s headquarters?

What is Alcove Technologies Inc.'s tech stack?

Alcove Technologies Inc.'s tech stack is Drupal(9), MariaDB, PHP, Varnish, Pantheon, Nginx, Fastly, OneTrust, Linkedin Insight Tag, HubSpot Analytics, Google Font API, Facebook, cdnjs, Twitter Ads, Matomo Analytics, jQuery(3.6.3), Intercom, HubSpot, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, FancyBox(3.5.7), Facebook Pixel(2.9.95), core-js(3.0.1), Chili Piper, AOS, Unpkg, jsDelivr.

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